about momentgram

momentgram was formed as a result of the November 2014 collaboration between producer TonTon and DJ medical.
They are creating compositions that revolve around the theme of “Eternity in a Moment.”
The grandiose sounds and visuals that they produce cannot be constrained to such genre labels as techno, minimal, classic, jazz, noise..ect,  but rather evoke a sense of exhilaration from sights and sounds ringing out from all over the stage.
In February of 2015, the pair held an experimental performance in a movie theater located in the suburbs of Tokyo.
Furthermore, in May they held a performance titled “Magical Mystery Movie” in the same theater.
Since audience members experience the show sitting in movie theater seats, it is a different experience from being on a dance floor. By taking advantage of the limited amount of mobility, each audience member is immersed in a deeper reality during the concert, experiencing a “Night’s Dream” in the darkness of the theater. These events managed to gain a great deal of popularity.

Looking forward, the pair will be active overseas, doing dinner performances in restaurants, and holding their own ambient parties.

そして、彼らは5月には同映画館にて、Magical Mystery Movieと題した公演を実施。それは、映画館という椅子に座って体験するという、ダンスフロアとは違う、自由度の低さを逆手に取った発想と、映画館独自の暗闇の中で”一夜の夢”をコンセプトに観客をより深い世界へと導く事に成功し、好評を得た。



Started DJing as a university student, and has continued ever since. Has a unique style of diligently weaving stories into various styles including minimal, techno, industrial, noise, classic, metal, and experimental. Produces work that has been called cinematic. Along with organizing “Teishuku” and “Opposite,” has also been involved in the movie theater released special unit “Momentgram,” which was a special collaboration with Ibiza and Tokyo’s VJ TONTON, as well as musical selections for fashion shows and restaurants.

大学生の頃にDJを始め、現在に至る。 ミニマル、テクノ、インダストリアル、ノイズやクラシック、メタル、エクスペリエンスなど様々な音を使う独特のスタイルは、轟音の中に静寂を探し、陰鬱の深淵を覗き見させる。 「貞淑」「opposite」等のオーガナイズに加え、イビサと東京で活動するVJ TONTONとのスペクタクルユニット「momentgram」での映画館での公演、ファッションショーの音楽セレクトと幅広く活動してしている。

photo by aki saito . /// .
direction by momentgram